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I ll preface this by noting that I m a horror fan, but I ve always been hit or miss with King s novels I m working my way through The Shining again, which was creepy but not scary to me the first go around.I don t need to explain the plot here as everyone else has, but it does take an awfully long time to get to the action after pages and pages of confusion for a short story, and when we do, it s not so much scary but sad The idea of what they re eating SHOULD illicit fear and disgust but it just felt desperate Then it ends abruptly I ve perhaps been desensitized to horror since it s my favorite genrebut I really did want to like this Not a bad read but a tad boring. This Is A Terrifying New Short Story From Authors Stephen King And Joe Hill, Brought To You As An EBook Original By Sister Publishers Orion And Hodder StoughtonAs USA TODAY Said Of Stephen King S MILE Park And Scream Could There Be Any Better Place To Set A Horror Story Than An Abandoned Rest Stop IN THE TALL GRASS Begins With A Sister And Brother Who Pull Off To The Side Of The Road After Hearing A Young Boy Crying For Help From Beyond The Tall Grass Within Minutes They Are Disoriented, In Deeper Than Seems Possible, And They Ve Lost One Another The Boy S Cries Are Growing And Desperate What Follows Is A Terrifying, Entertaining, And Masterfully Told Tale, As Only Stephen King And Joe Hill Can DeliverThis EBook Original Also Contains Exclusive Extracts From The Eagerly Anticipated Novels NOSR By Joe Hill, And DOCTOR SLEEP By Stephen KingStephen King Is The Author Of Than Fifty Books, All Of Them Worldwide Bestsellers His Novel Was Named A Top Ten Book Of By The New York Times Book Review And Won The Los Angeles Times Prize As Well As The Best Hardcover Award From The International Thriller Writers Association He Is The Recipient Of The National Book Foundation Medal For Distinguished Contribution To American Letters He Lives In Bangor, Maine, With His Wife, Novelist Tabitha King Joe Hill Is The Author Of The New York Times Bestsellers Heart Shaped Box And Horns, And Writes An Ongoing Comic Book Series, Locke S Broadway Credits Include Wait Until Dark, A Few Good Men, The Speed Of Darkness Tony And Outer Critics Noms , And Death Of A Salesman Drama Desk Nom Among His Feature Films Are Last Exit To Brooklyn, Tombstone, Gettysburg, And Manhunter His Television Work Includes, The Fugitive, Crime Story, Babe Ruth, And Death Of A Salesman I grew up devouring Stephen King From his iconic works to his amazing short story collections I ve never been disappointed by opening the covers of a Stephen King book About five or six years ago I read an article on his son Joe Hill about a short story collection he had written called 20th Century Ghosts and immediately purchased it on the off chance that lighting had maybe struck twice in the family and the world would be blessed with another prodigy in the world of literature A part of me knew that it was probably unlikely and that he d be just an average writer whose only eventual claim to fame was that he was the son of a better writer Luckily I couldn t have been wrong 20th Century Ghosts has range with stories being romantic, heart breaking, and just as horrific as anything his father could produce In some ways he may even be slightly better As in the case of consistently landing the ending which was something that even the most passionate of Stephen King fans would admit he consistently couldn t do.So the thought of both of them coming together is a dream come true.So how s the final product Excellent In the mind of these two a simple plot of tall grass next to a church and run down bowling alley can create unimaginable horrors With this being such a short tale I m afraid to disclose but I read that this will be adapted to a movie and in all honesty I have no idea how they ll get away doing a faithful adaptation as there s truly some twisted and disturbing happenings in this book What I really want is for these two to write a full length novel as the sampling that you get from this short story will convince you that it would be something truly special to the horror genre. Cal and Becky are siblings in every sense of the word Their parents jokingly call them Mike and Ike, as they think alike, a shared, unbreakable kinship It is this commonality that makes them both want to enjoy complete silence on the cross country drive they embark upon The leisurely quiet is the only reason they hear a child calling out for help Stopping the car in a church parking lot, they realize the boy s cries are coming from a field across the road The field is thick with tall grass reaching upwards of six feet or Cal and a pregnant Becky trudge through the tall grass in hopes of rescuing the boy The horror that ensues not only bears the Master of Horror, Stephen King s, signature, but also Joe Hill s King s son, and author of The Fireman Cal runs through the grass in search of the boy, but one moment the boy s voice is to the right, and then to the left A second voice calls out, the boy s mother, advising them to stay away Cal and Becky can only see the road by jumping high in the air and catching a glimpse above the grass, an unwise feat for Becky Cal knows they have only ventured into the grass about one hundred feet, but the view from above the grass inexplicably shows them to be much farther away In the Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill is a combination of mind boggling horror and gritty gore that King and Hill do best The story contains shades of both N, and The Tommyknockers, and brilliantly continues the theme of terror from the unknown A quick, fast paced read from beginning to end, In the Tall Grass is sure to become a hit for those who favor King s off and on penchant for breaking boundaries The story is a shocker The fear of the unexpected is real The ending leaves the reader wanting. I can now add a permanent fear of tall grass to my list of phobias Thanks a lot Mr King But actually, I knew what I was getting into venturing into a Stephen King book, all be it a short one That s only in pages, not the fear factor it induces It s like a creeping sense of dread that slowly coils tighter around your throat as you read I wanted to scream at the characters to warn them, much like you do with a decent horror movie Please never make this into a horror movie, that one scene, I shudder to forget it Great job by two fine talented authors. When fellow readers tell me they don t like Stephen King, it s the full on horror of Cujo or Pet Semetary they are thinking of They might enjoy something like 11 22 63 if they would give it chance This story, written by King and his son, author Joe Hill, is back to the classic horror of King s most shocking and gruesome books It has a plot that echoes Scott Smith s novel The Ruins in several respects, involving unsuspecting citizens being drawn in by an Ancient Evil In short, it was a way to pass the time better than some, not as satisfying as others. Mi aspettavo qualcosa di diverso, pi da lui Si sente forte la presenza di un altro scrittore nella scrittura e nello svolgimento della storia Il tenore di gore e splatter insolitamente per stephen king mal dosato e il risultato complessivo non all altezza della sua produzione L anteprima del nuovo di King promette qualcosa di altro livello Speriamo bene. Stephen King is Stephen KingI adore the way he writes but then I end up wanting only the bestI m gonna stick to his novels and leave out the short stories