[Download] If Picasso Painted a SnowmanAuthor Amy Newbold – Collateralloan.co

Maryland Blue Crab Honor Book A big, brightly colored, playful introduction to various important painters and art movementsIf someone asked you to paint a snowman, you would probably start with three white circles stacked one upon another Then you would add black dots for eyes, an orange triangle for a nose, and a black dotted smile But if Picasso painted a snowman From that simple premise flows this delightful, whimsical, educational picture book that shows how the artist s imagination can summon magic from a prosaic subject Greg Newbold s chameleon like artistry shows us Roy Lichtenstein s snow hero saving the day, Georgia O Keefe s snowman blooming in the desert, Claude Monet s snowmen among haystacks, Grant Wood s American Gothic snowman, Jackson Pollock s snowman in ten thousand splats, Salvador Dali s snowmen dripping like melty cheese, and snowmen as they might have been rendered by J M W Turner, Gustav Klimt, Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Georges Seurat, Pablita Velarde, Piet Mondrian, Sonia Delaunay, Jacob Lawrence, and Vincent van Gogh Our guide for this tour is a lively hamster who also chameleon like sports a Dali mustache on one spread, a Van Gogh ear bandage on the nextWhat would your snowman look like the book asks, and then offers a page with a picture frame for a child to fill in Backmatter thumbnail biographies of the artists complete this highly original tour of the creative imagination that will delight adults as well as children Fountas Pinnell Level O Full Color