Prime How the Leopard Got His Claws –

In this powerful illustrated fable for older picture book readers, Achebe, the celebrated Nigerian writer, offers a parable about how power corrupts The New York Times Book Review In the beginning, all the animals lived as friends Their leopard king was strong but gentle and wise Only Dog had sharp teeth and lived as an outsider before attacking the leopard and taking over as king until the angry leopard returned to regain his throne by force with his own threatening new claws In a riveting fable for young readers about the potency and dangers of power taken by force, Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart,evokes his frequent themes of liberation and justice Glowing with vibrant color, Mary GrandPr s expressive and action filled paintings bring the unforgettable tale to dramatic life. A very good book for all as it shown the richness of the exploited African continent and its people The little receiver was delighted by this story. A fine if dark tale I suspect it will make an interesting comparison with Mr Achebe s upcoming There Was A Country it is difficult as an adult to see this story as anything but an allegory for the politics of Nigeria The illustrations are top notch and work quite well with the story and the hardback is beautifully done and large roughly the size of a record cover for those of us old enough to remember records.I m pleased with the story, although it is a bit long to read for a bedtime story, closer to a half hour than the normal 10 minutes I try for, but maybe I m being too lazy The subject matter, with blood and bitter fights, is a tad violent for small kids, but then again I have a daughter who loves shiny pink princesses, so perhaps a rough and tumble boy or girl might like it better.