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Great Value Book Haunted House Horror Box Set Available At This Price For A Limited Time OnlyAD FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITEDGrab All Haunted House Stories For One Low Price You Get All Complete Stories In The Haunted House Tales Boxed SetRiley Amitrani Does It Yet Again By Giving Readers Another Amazing Box Set Of Scary Horror Stories Complete With Terrifying Encounters Involving Supernatural Entities Like Spirits, Demons And Ghosts There Is Something That Is Sinister, Evil And Dark In Every One Of These Locations, Which Include Mansions, Churches, Houses, Butcher Shops, Hotels, Pet Stores, And Each One Has It S Own Frightening, Horrific And Twisted PastThe Box Set Includes The Haunting Of Prescott HouseThe Haunting Of Luciano HouseThe Haunting Of Perry PropertyThe Haunting Of Alfred HouseThe Haunting Of Woodchester MansionThe Haunting Of Magnolia HouseThe Haunting Of Excelsior HotelThe Haunting Of Shawcroft HouseThe Haunting Of Sanderson MansionThe Haunting Of Carver S Arms PubThe Haunting Of West HospitalThe Haunting Of Sunnyday HouseThe Haunting Of Yellow Sulphur SpringsThe Haunting Of Cleeman HouseThe Haunting Of Glass MansionThe Haunting Of Ashley MansionThe Haunting Of Drummond Evans MansionThe Haunting Of Harmony HouseThe Haunting Of Abberfield ChurchThe Pet StoreThe Cat ClairvoyantThe Haunting Of Sprucewood MansionThe Haunting Of The Regent TheatreThe Haunting Of Daucourt MansionThe Haunting Of Crooked CottageThe Haunting Of Bonner SpringsThe Haunting Of Mason HouseThe Haunting Of Carroway MansionStart Reading The Haunted House Tales Box Set Right Now

2 thoughts on “Haunted House Tales (28 Book Box Set) (English Edition)

  1. Melody M. Potter Melody M. Potter says:

    I can t believe I got this set for 99 cents It was worth a hundred times that I read these stories over a period of about a month, one a day and never tired of them This author is a master story teller and obviously never runs out of great ideas I am about to buy another one of his books I am a true fan now.

  2. Christine Dunne Christine Dunne says:

    Very good stories but there was so many typos I sometime had to stop and figure out what was meant I will continue to read yoi