free Geometry Workbook For Dummies By Mark Ryan –

Geometry is one of the oldest mathematical subjects in historyUnfortunately, few geometry study guides offer clear explanations,causing many people to get tripped up or lost when trying to solvea proofeven when they know the terms and concepts like theback of their hand However, this problem can be fixed withpractice and some strategies for slicing through all themumbo jumbo and getting right to the heart of the proofGeometry Workbook For Dummies ensures that practice makesperfect, especially when problems are presented without the stiff,formal style that youd find in your math textbook Writtenwith a commonsense, street smart approach, this guide gives you thestep by step process to solve each proof, along with tips,shortcuts, and mnemonic devices to make sure the solutions stickIt also gives you plenty of room to work out your solutions,providing you with space to breathe and a clear head This bookprovides you with the tools you need to solve all types of geometryproblems, including Congruent trianglesFinding the area, angle, and size of quadrilateralsAngle arc theorems and formulasTouching radii and tangentsConnecting radii and chordsParallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines and planesSlope, distance, and midpoint formulasLine and circle equationsHandling rotations, reflections, and other transformationsPacked with tons of strategies for solving proofs and a reviewof key concepts, Geometry Workbook For Dummies is theultimate study aid for students, parents, and anyone with aninterest in the field

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