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GCSE Physical Education BBC Bitesize Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study GCSE Physical Education Edexcel BBC Bitesize The Edexcel specification for GCSE Physical Education, examined from summerGCSE physical education GOV Subject content, aims and leaning objectives for GCSE in physical education PE for teaching fromHOME GCSE PE Portal We ve made hours of our masterclass library available to students and teachers on the platform These replays of expert led lessons cover every inch of the GCSE PE exam spec and span anywhere fromminutes tohours a time Rest easy in your studies knowing you ve overhours of classroom like teaching just a click away OCR GCSE PE Revision Welcome to the OCR GCSE PE Revision Website This website is available to all students who are studying OCR GCSE Physical Education, to help aid you with your revision and provide support during your GCSE s Created by Courtney Pettifor PE YearGCSE PE penryn collegernwallh PE YearGCSE PE Test target for Yearis Working Towards Target At Expected Target Above Expected Target Test grade UnitAppliedanatomyand physiology Paper The humanbodyandmovement inphysical activity and sport Knowledge Application Justification Evaluation and GCSE PE moderation queries Pearson For the new GCSE PE specification, you will continue to have a visiting moderator providing you have a minimum ofcandidates The moderator will visit a centre to moderate a sample of candidates and this will take place between certain datesMarchMay All candidates must be formally assessed before the moderator visits and you must submit the final marks for all candidates to usGCSE PE Edexcel The PE Classroom GCSE PE AQA GCSE PE Edexcel Membership Contact Us Log In GCSE PE Edexcel Posted onby My PE Classroom Leave a Comment Current Status Not Enrolled Price Free Get Started Login to Enroll Course Content Expand All Component One Fitness Body Systems The Skeletal SystemLessonsQuiz Sample Lesson Expand Unit Content % Complete StepsGCSE PE LessonYouTube GCSE PE Revision Planes, Axes and Levers Weekly Vlog Duration Planet PE , views Spanish LessonDuration JFC YearRemote Learning No views New MediaGCSE PE Report Comments Teaching Resources

8 thoughts on “GCSE PE | Pocket Posters: The Pocket-Sized Physical Education Revision Guide | GCSE Specification | FREE digital edition for computers, phones and tablets with over 1,000 assessment questions!: Office Products

  1. Michelle N Michelle N says:

    I purchased the geography and computer science pocket sized poster books last minute for my son s GCSEs this month, I wish I had known about them sooner They are very colourful with plenty of photos pictures which help describe the matter There is also plenty of text, enough for you to get all the key information We also have the official exam board textbooks but these pocket size books are great to refresh your memory, especially on the go I definitely recommend them These books do not mention any examination board My son did Edexcel computer science and is doing OCR B geography but I imagine these books will benefit you no matter what examination board as they cover all the main topics within that subject.The price is very reasonable under 5, so invest in them you won t regret it, especially if your child has exams in the future It s too late for my son now, but let s hope they produce pocket sized books in subjects going forward Thank you.

  2. toby toby says:

    This are good for going over maths in the lead up to exams, some of the areas won t that helpful and we had to look at other books to get information on certain areas They tried to simplify it to much, but it is really helpful for checking what you know You might need a in depth study book to go along side this to consolidate your learning.

  3. Diesel_X Diesel_X says:

    Amazing product One of the very best Maths GCSE revising aids I ve come across.Incredible price for what you get and the impressiveness of this product don t stop there because purchasing these poster books give you entitlement to the app version that looks great on iPad both iOS and Android devices unless mistaken.Wonderful to look at with colourful pages for each and every topic, presented in a style to that of Math posters one would find in some class rooms The mini posters style approach format is presented in a convenient to use small carry size, yet the information diagrams within remain incredibly easy concise to view and understand.I have purchased a 2nd one already and plan to buy some of the other subjects they offer.

  4. Missy Lee Missy Lee says:

    Such a great book I bought it for my niece I also had one myself couple years ago it helped soo much It has everything in it It shows you what to do eg how to do an equation etc It gives u the answers an details how it s done an it s so much easier to learn I really recommend for anyone needing any help with maths I hate maths I m so dumb until I got this 5

  5. lstav lstav says:

    I gave this book 1 star not because of the content of the book but because the digital download code had already been used this was infuriating I have bought a thinking it was new and thinking I would be able to download it digitally when I cannot I have bought others and downloaded them which I think is how my children will access them than the hardcopy so very disappointed not to be able to do so with the foundation Maths.

  6. J. A. Croucher J. A. Croucher says:

    Great book for year 10 and 11 students Only suggestion is that it would be better if it indicated which topics were for higher candidates only I m recommending it to my learners most of whom have dyscalculia or dyslexia.

  7. Lucy Rothwell Lucy Rothwell says:

    I can t recommend this book highly enough for people needing to quickly learn maths basics I scraped through the Scottish equivalent slightly different syllabus of GCSE maths when I was 16, then literally forgot maths existed for the next 16 years until I started doing a masters in computer science at the age of 32, which was very maths intense I was struggling big time so I crammed this book in 4 or 5 days over the Christmas break It helped me understand a lot of the maths in my degree, and gave me the foundation I needed to learn the other maths needed including some A level The book achieves being both very short and concise, yet very informative I still refer to it frequently.