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Oh my, horrible book.First of all, the lack of editing was horrendous There were mixups between its and it's, capitalizing of letters to stress a point, weird misspellingsSecondly, the book seemed to claim one thing and then immediately jump to something else without realizing that the one refuted the other Third, once I got to the book's trick to unburying feelings, I just laughed out loud It seemed so quacky, I wondered why anyone would do it Basically, you pray to your body to find the buried feelings behind physical problems, and then you say something like, I want to be confident, I feel like I'm confident, I am confident! Wow Wow Wow Fourth, I can definitely see how emotional problems can lead to physical issues, but some things on the list were ridiculous, like diarrhea being a sign of running away from something, and back pain being a sign of having a heavy burden Anyway, skip this one. This is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read It discusses the interplay of and the effect that feelings, thoughts and emotions have upon our beings; that we are what we feel and think; that our feelings, thoughts and words become selffulfilling prophecies The author suggests that in many cases, if not most, our unresolved feelings [negative feelings] lead to disease (disease) in our bodies and often account for the ailments (however serious) which beset us The author also sets forth a procedure (Script) which can assist a person to resolve negative feelings (howsoever long they have existed) and to elimiate them This enables the person to return to aharmonious state (his/her feelings, thoughts and emotions become consistent with the true self which comes from God) The Script does not displace prayer but is consistent with a person's need to pray and God's command that we pray The central theme of the book is one of internal congruence: that by identifying, owning and resolving negative feelings, we become congruent with our true selves (the Godgiven truth within ourselves), which lead us to a happier,joyful and harmonious life In short, we cease to be doubleminded and become singleminded I highly recommend this book to all. The book begins literally in the beginning IN that instant that life is created, the single sperm that penetrates the egg and viola : life! One of the first ideas that really made sense for me was the realization that even at conception the developing embryo can feel those feelings are recorded at a molecular level The author references the significance of a happy balanced pregnancy and LOVE from the mother and father are absolutely necessary for the infant to grow and develop in a healthy psychological manner The angst and/or stress that the infant may feel from the external influences DOES carry over and impact the child throughout their life It is vital to healthy development to stop and evaluate our feelings because they do impact our physical mental well being.I am on chapter 7 More later. I do agree that suppressed feelings and emotions can cause ailments, but I don't believe that every physical problem is a result of this I think there are plenty of exterior influences that can cause an illness that have nothing to do with one's feelings I did appreciate the main sentiment though; one should never bury alive one's emotions, believing they will die if neglected. We are all spiritual beings searching to obtain a state of perfection that is already present in us but blocked by the fall of man We live in a fallen world and we deal with a continual battle within The battle exists between choosing to resist change and ignore the feelings that stem from our experiences or being mindful of the feelings and listening deeply to the thoughts that have produced the feelings in the first place When we ignore our feelings, we live in a state of doublemindedness and pain The pain manifests itself in a variety of ways such as emotional and physical disease in our lives On the contrary, if we meditate on the thoughts that enter our minds throughout each day, we learn to recognize the source of our discontent and by using stratgies outlined in the book, we are able to actually change our thoughts in turn changing our feelings It is nothing less than miraculous to find that we ARE in control of our personal wellbeing in every and any circumstance Again, while living in the fallen state of this world, we will experience all sorts of circumstances that cause most people to worry and fall Mindful people view these circemstances as oportunities to practice well being, selfcontrol, peace and above all, love in any and every situation Praise God for our full present full redemtion and free will to choose if we will live in a redeemed state or a state of pain and suffering I choose to trust God and allow His spirit to rule in me bringing me closer everyday to what I was made to be. This book has been lifechanging for me I have truly loved it, though a lot of it is hard to take at first TheI read, theI loved it a chapter or two later it all started to make sense The premise of the book is that negative feelings that we harbor can have detrimental effects on us physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc The book introduces an approach to help us resolve these negative feelings These feelings often block us from achieving what we really want in life As I have sought to clearnegativity out of myself, I have seen some marvelous changes and I am feeling muchpeaceful and spiritual than I believe I have ever felt I love this book and will continue to reference it for years to come. Karol Truman has brought together in one book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Diethe best of the best She not only tells you why you feel the way you feel, but how these feelings all started She then goes on to tell you how YOU can easily transform undesirable feelings so that they no longer hinder your growth What a gift! In the end, science is finally corroborating the fact that love for oneself and for others, as well as forgiveness and letting go create health Truman's book is in its 13th printinga classic in the field of awareness of how physical health and mental/emotional patterns that we hold interrelate Not particularly well written, but chapter 4 is a good overview of Truman's thinking, and the the tables in chapter 17 on types of feelings and chapter 18 on the causes of illness are food for thought (see also Louise Hays' version called You Can Heal Your Life) If nothing else, this book allows people to begin to think about how they may blaming everything in their lives on circumstances outside of themselves (family situations, parents, genetics, job, etc.), and realize how important it is to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing Physical, mental, and emotional pain should not be stuffed down; if we want to enjoy life, the journey must start with accepting responsibility for ourselves. I refer back to this book on a very regular basis Truman point or purpose in this book is that every dissease has been created by a blocked or out of alignment emotion Emotion is much like ego or addictive thinking When the blockage is delt with and released the disease or pain in the body leaves She breaks down several diseases and simple aches and pains and write the possible blockages That is why I refer to the book so often is for friends and family to tell them the possible emotional blockages behind what they are going through. I remember reading and rereading the senseless words By the end i could only grasp at the idea of actually discerning between a feeling and a thought, let alone process how emotion is the effect of them and not the cause The book goes into a script meditation that I never got around to It took me years just to make practical use of the foundational concepts but maybe I'm just that hard headed This book was Heavenly Father throwing me a big meaty bone, I'm still chewing on it.