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Dust IsMASSIVELY ENTERTAINING Turner Has Created A New Zombie Mythology That Is Smart, Scary And Viscerally Real Booklist Starred Review SPECTACULAR A Great, Unsettling Portrait Of Raw Hunger And HopeJeff Long, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The DescentAMAZING Joan Frances Turner Has Done For Zombies What Anne Rice Did For VampiresDouglas Preston, New York Times Bestselling Coauthor Of Two GravesA TRULY ORIGINAL IDEA Told From A Viewpoint That Will Surprise And HorrifyLaurell K Hamilton, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter NovelsWELL WRITTEN A New And Unique Take On ZombiesIlona Andrews, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Steels Edge After She Was Buried, Jessie Awoke And Tore Through The Earth To Arise, Reborn, As A Zombie Jessie S Gang Is The Fly By Nights She Loves The Ancient, Skeletal Florian And His Memories Of Time Gone By She S In Love With Joe, A Maggot Infested Corpse They Fight, Hunt, Dance Together As One Something Humans Can Never Understand There Are Dark Places Humans Have Learned To Avoid, Lest They Run Into The Zombie GangsBut Now, Jessie And The Fly By Nights Have Seen New Creatures In The Woods Things Not Human And Not Zombie A Strange New Illness Has Flamed Up Out Of Nowhere, Causing The Undeads To Become Alive And The Living To Exist On The Brink Of Death As Bits And Pieces Of The Truth Fall Around Jessie, Like The Flesh Off Her Bones, She Ll Have To Choose Between Looking Away Or Staring Down The Madness And Hanging Onto Everything She Has Come To Know As Life

5 thoughts on “Dust (English Edition)

  1. Cheryl Stout Cheryl Stout says:

    WARNING Do not read this book if you have a weak stomach I have a pretty strong stomach and DUST almost got me than queasy.This is definitely a different take on the zombie novel First of all, it is told from the POV of Jessie, newly awakened from the grave and becoming part of the Fly By Nights gang They are all undead zombie is not used, racist you know.These undead are strong, they communicate with each other, they haven t all lost their intellect, they have emotions and can love each other, and they have many other differences from the undead you are used to.I enjoyed DUST overall It is too wordy in some spots and drags a bit but it is a unique, stomach churning different view of the undead world I especially liked the dances.

  2. AJ AJ says:

    Could someone please tell me how Joan Frances Turner isn t one of the most popular writers in America I don t know the author personally, but am a huge fan Wish I knew her, what an interesting person she must be Turner s take on zombies is so well thought out, that I m surprised no one has done it before A world with zombies in it seems almost plausible I especially like how she tells the reader the experience of zombies from both a human viewpoint Frail and from the zombie s Dust.Turner does for zombies what Ann Rice did for vampires She takes the genre to a whole new level If you like a good story, well told, check out this author s books You won t be disappointed.

  3. sarah sarah says:

    I love zombie books and read a lot of the reviews and the book was priced for less than 2 and thought i d give it a try It s definitely got a good twist on the zombie idea But it tends to drag a bit and found myself skimming the last 50 pages This author completely recreates the zombie background while giving us a story in the foreground It was definitely worth the 2 i spent on it but i would have been upset if i spent than that I will than likely pick up other books by this author.

  4. Kevin A. Ranson Kevin A. Ranson says:

    Every author has a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse, and Dust is no exception Similar to stories like Warm Bodies, these zombies aren t quite as mindless as one would believe, acting in ways that are quite imaginative and certainly horrific to the still living for now The scope of the narrative, however, exceeds its mandate, alternating erratically between slow scenes that need to go quicker and urgency that should have taken its time The final outcome combines so many thematic elements that it feels a bit overwhelming and perhaps unearned how the story got from where it started to where it winds up, specifically for the characters involved.

  5. Melissa B. Melissa B. says:

    An interesting zombie tale told from the perspective of a zombie herself, faced with the impending doom of a plague that is changing her kind and humankind as well The overall voice of the main character took some getting used to, and I found the author s use of fragmented sentences frustrating At times, subjects would jump back and forth within paragraphs which made reading confusing Over all, though, this book was a compelling and entertaining read.