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Until I get around to reading the first book in the Summoner series, I will have to say that the start of the Dragon Emperor series places it in second on my list of Vall series with Dungeon Master being first.It is a bit nice to have a slow start in which Vall focuses on build out the world and starting some earlier character development with our Human EMT turned dragon It was even a bit interesting to basically cuckold the entire audience until the very last pages to present the erotic content and our first confirmed girl for our dragon s harem.I m interested to see how our boy and his reptilian half interact with one another and the rest of the world as we see the beginnings of his horde either in the next book or the following book. Evan Was Just An Average Guy Working As An EMT, But When He Puts On An Ancient Dragon Mask, Hes Teleported To The Magical World Of Inati As A Powerful Black DragonNow, Hell Have To Save A Beautiful Priestess, Rebuild A Broken City, And Fight A Horde Of Zombie Like Monsters Led By An Ancient Demonic EvilIf He Wins, Then The Opportunity To Build His Powers, Treasure Horde, And Empire Will Await Him If He Loses, Then His New Friends Will All Suffer Fates Worse Than Death Honestly, not a bad read Although the writing comes across as amateurish at times, the plotline is decent There are several scenes where the setting suddenly changes in the middle of the paragraph, and a few inconsistencies of action MC stands up to pace nervously, and a sentence later someone is leaning against the chair he is in.The MC claims to have anger problems, but other than a few moments where he gets mad only to suddenly, and seemingly without effort calm himself, it doesn t even register as a plot point The action felt rushed, as did the overall pacing of the story We end up left with questions than answers Not in a good way There is virtually nothing known about the world, MC demonstrates borderline Mary Sue powers at times, and the final confrontation has him trying to pull a typical isekai redeem the villain when I swore to rip his heart out dialogue It doesn t happen, but I won t spoil why.Overall I think the author has a solid story base to build from if they slow down, add in a little detail, and work on smoothing scene transitions I do like how the MC had to deal with increasing bouts of dragon instincts , but I felt could have been done with that.If you like stories where the main character is a dragon, set in a world of cultivation quotes because it is mentioned as generic background info , you might enjoy it I don t regret picking it up. Another series starts So far Vall has written 6 series Only one didn t go beyond book 2 but it didn t leave readers hanging If this was baseball he s batting.833 This new series is going to raise that average to 6 7 although I don t consider Planet Broker to be a failure.Anyway in this new series the MC starts with among the least proficient in his powers Other MCs progressed much rapidly in the first volume Metal Mage, Succubus Lord.However this MC changes his form to a dragon although he can shift to human Also he has no one to guide him, he has to play it by ear.So the world building is slow and steady but starts to accelerate.There is a harem, villains and magical sources.The pacing is good its not frenetic As a dragon the MC doesn t even have fire, yet But he can absorb the power of those he kills This is a new twist on dragons or are dragons here than they appear I must add the cover is outstanding, if this was a paperback I d buy it just on the cover.This looks to be a great series This first book is like the take off stage It is steadily accelerating and promises to burst into full flight quickly.On a side note, 6 active series This really causes a logjam on my reading list, whenever a new book comes out I just have to read the previous volumes, can t say that of msny authors. Granted I stopped reading about half way in, which is rare for me Maybe 1 in 10 books It just felt so pedestrian The issue might be with me because it seems the book was written for a much younger and sexually frustrated audience than I expected If you re a male teen you might enjoy this Otherwise, it really is a slightly below average young male fantasy novel.