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There Are Worse Things Than Death Things That Lurk In The Shadows And Slip Into Your Dreams Things That Have No Business Existing Things That Once Slept But Have Now AwokenFor Callypso Lillis, The Fae Magic That Now Runs Through Her Veins Is Equal Parts Curse And Good Fortune For The Very Thing That Bonds Her To Desmond Flynn, The King Of The Night, Also Makes Her Vulnerable To The Thief Of Souls, A Man Who Wants To Break The World And Callie Along With It But Its Not Just The Thief Whose Shadow Looms Over The Otherworld Dess Father Is Back From The Dead, And He Wants Revenge On The Son Who Sent Him To The Grave In The First Place Des And Callie Must Figure Out How To Stop Both Men, And Time Is Running Out Because There Are Forces At Play Working To Tear The Lovers Apart Once And For All And Unfortunately For Them, Death Is No Longer The Worst Thing To Fear Well written Well edited.It grabs you from the beginning and keeps you enthralled all the way through three books.All the books are published, so no waiting for the next installment It s set in modern day earth and the fairy world.The suspense is well developed and I didn t figure out most of the twists till the end Some clues were obvious, but it didn t make the book boring at all.The characters are interesting and very well developed So are the many Fae worlds that this story winds itself through.Des and Callie have a beautiful love story that starts out complicated and becomes intense and strong The sex scenes are tasteful and relevant to the story The secondary characters are entertaining.The first book is Rhapsodic If you like paranormal, suspense with a great love story, then you ll love this one There are plenty of laughs and heart warming side tracks as well as bad guys to hate.Highly recommend. I have a secret Let me preface this by saying that The Bargainer series is one of my all time favorite series we re talking like top three guys, these books are a big deal to me so I had a lot of expectations going into this Let me respond to that by saying that it did not disappoint Seriously, I cannot get over how perfectly Laura has wrapped up Callie and Des story There will always be bad men, and they will take and take and take But so will I People like us are not victims We re someone s nightmare After the explosive and emotional ending of A Strange Hymn, the Thief of Souls still plagues Callie s dreams and Des kingdom is under the greatest threat it has ever faced Callie and Des must piece together the clues they ve been given to track down the Thief of Souls and put an end to his torments.Now for the part of the review you re all waiting for HOLY GODS This was a wild ride This book has everything I ve come to expect from Laura Thalassa witty comebacks, an air of mystery, shameless sensuality LOTS OF IT , heartwarming romance, emotional turmoil, fiery and utterly terrifying women and villains that make your skin crawl.I truly loved how much this story focused on Callie s siren nature and her learning to embrace her powers YASSSS GURL Callie s character ARC completes itself in this story and she truly becomes a force to be reckoned with, a nightmare, everything she was made to be I ve always loved how Des has willed Callie to welcome who she is and has never let his presence overshadow her They have always felt like partners to me and it was no different in this book While many of us are here for the ever charismatic Desmond Flynn, it is Callie s character that shines in this.That said, Des is as satisfying as ever I swear every time he uttered the words ah, ah, ah or asked one of his rhetorical questions I melted a little inside Who needs a book boyfriend when you can kidnap Desmond Flynn and make him your book husband Hah Kidnap Desmond Flynn Sure You should be forewarned that Des gets a little feral and extra carnal in this, his fae nature is being pressured and he does rule over the night and everything that happens within it, after all That said, I loved every little bit of it.Further, one of the BEST parts of this story is Temper Get yourself a best friend that s a crazy sorceress who will help you take down your enemies I have always loved Temper s character and there were subtle hints that there is to her story Fingers crossed that Laura gives us of Temper AND Malaki Also Malaki, looks like he could kill you but is really a cinnamon roll, just saying Even shadows can deceive and gods can die By the end of this story we are reminded once again that behind his crown Des is the ever calculating Bargainer For every secret you hold, he has a dozen Nothing gets past him and he has a plan for every scenario Seriously, there is a part near the end that will probably have you flying out of your seat and cheering with delight.I d also like to just say the Thief of Souls I KNEW IT He has worn many faces but he was also exactly who I thought he would be I was freaking out a little when his identity started piecing itself together because all of my theories were totally validated.Also have you read Laura s The Unearthly series These two series take place in the same world and there was a juicy little Easter egg dropped about that story as well In finality, an epic conclusion to an epic series How will I go on with my life knowing I m no longer waiting for books about Callie and Des The only thing that shall tide me over is knowing Laura Thalassa is out there, writing stories with wonderfully devastating characters such as these Excuse me while I super glue this to my favorites shelf because it s never allowed to leave.AND THAT PROLOGUE YO. It was good, but I m kinda disappointed to be honest The first two books were so revolutionary and fantastic that I expected the same of this one There were too many sex scenes with too little movement in the actual story The storyline seemed to drag on and on while I was just waiting for action There were many parts were the whole book seemed to pause and wait for the two many characters to play lovefest Everyone was freaking dying and then they went on vacation to have lots of sex Plus there was tons of unanswered questions that were just glossed over The author focused so much on Callie and Des, that she neglected what the hell happened to the rest of the world around them Yea sure, I love these characters but the entire world was burning down around them and not much was said about it Plus there were many parts were it was wholly and grossly predictable Still, I ve glad I read this book and finished this series I m glad Callie and Des got their happy ending because it was well deserved. Just the perfect conclusion for the most beautiful and epic series in the world Outstanding.