[Free Best] Dancing Through Fields of Color: The Story of Helen FrankenthalerAuthor Elizabeth Brown – Collateralloan.co

Stunning Absolutely stunning A much needed book about such an incredible artista must have book Aimee Sicuro visually captured Helen s approach to painting with perfection. Joyful addition to my coffee table Good quality printing but not pleasant to look at Muddy Might be trying to capture Frankenthaler style but misses the mark and type fonts keep changing Distracting Ideas are sophisticated but not clearly stated.Better to do just a book of her painting and let them speak for themselves. My mistake in not previewing this, thinking it was an in depth look at Frankenthaler s work It s amusing and nicely done but not what I was looking for. Excellent reading material for the ages and beautiful illustrations to go along with the pages. They said only men could paint powerful pictures, but Helen Frankenthaler splashed her way through the modern art world Channeling deep emotion, Helen poured paint onto her canvas and danced with the colors to make art unlike anything anyone had ever seen She used unique tools like mops and squeegees to push the paint around, to dazzling effects Frankenthaler became an originator of the influential Color Field style of abstract expressionist painting with her soak stain technique, and her artwork continues to electrify new generations of artists todayDancing Through Fields of Colordiscusses Frankenthalers early life, how she used colors to express emotion, and how she overcame the male dominated art world of the s