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A comprehensive and bestselling textbook on Contract Law that covers core areas such as the formation of a contract, what goes into a contract, how to enforce a contract and muchThe book takes a very practical approach to teaching Contract Law including real world examples and Hot Topic discussion points, illustrating how Contract Law can interact with other aspects of the core curriculum such as Tort Law This edition has been updated with important new developments in the field, such as on interpretation, and negotiating damages and an account of profits New material includes Rewritten section on interpretation in the light of decisions of the Supreme Court including Wood v Capita Insurance Services LtdNew section dealing with negotiating damages and an account of profits in the light of the decision of the Supreme Court in Morris Garner v One Step Support LtdUpdated section on the rule in Foakes v Beer in light of the decision of the Supreme Court in Rock Advertising Ltd v MWB Business Exchange Centres Ltd, albeit the Supreme Court found it unnecessary to resolve the point Other important new cases include Swynson Ltd v Lowick Rose LLP damages and third party losses Goodlife Foods Ltd v Hall Fire Protection Ltd exclusion clauses First Tower Trustees Ltd v CDS Superstores International Ltd the scope of sectionof the Misrepresentation Actand Ali v Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago implied terms Written by one of the leading authorities on the topic, this book retains a critical edge and a student friendly focus It is essential reading for all students taking undergraduate and GDL CPE courses in contract lawEwan McKendrick QC Hon is Professor of English Private Law at the University of Oxford, UK, where he is also a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall He is the author of a number of key works on contract law and commercial law, and is an editor of Chitty on Contracts He is also a barrister in practice atVerulam Buildings, Gray s Inn and a Master of the Bench of Gray s Inn