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Hesdemere A Quiet, Forgotten Island Upon Its Soil Grows Mytrea A Plant Capable Of Miracles And Of MonstrositiesA Plant That Could Make Atanis The Most Powerful Man In The Known WorldGenerations Of Fishermen, Living And Dying Upon The Beaches Of His Home Centuries Of Oppression Their People Conscripted, Rejected, Crushed Under The Boots Of A Foreign, Uncaring CityNow, Atanis Ruthless, Ambitious Will Break The Cycle The World Is Changing, Modernizing, And It Has Acquired A Hunger For Narcotics A Demand For Escape That Atanis Intends To SupplyOn The Mainland, Riddled With Warring City States, The Balance Of Power Is Ever Changing Those Seeking To Elevate Themselves Above All Others Are Consigned To A Swift End Knives In The Dark, Lies, Poison The City States Will Do Whatever They Must, To Rid Themselves Of The New Threat Upon Their DoorstepsAnd So Marks The Rise Of The Hesdemere Cartel

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  1. Blair J Miller Blair J Miller says:

    I really liked this story Watching the rise of the Hesdemere cartel and the family that controlled it was a true joy The story is certainly dark, but not quite grimdark, with a focus on reality than evil for evil ness sake Quite often a character in the story would attempt something with a low chance of success, and surprise it wouldn t work out so well for them That s not something you often see, especially in fantasy writing where characters often triumph over the impossible.No, this is not a tale of great heroes fighting against unbeatable odds It is a story of realistic individuals, told from both sides of the conflict, each with their own obstacles to overcome Behind all of this is a world with its own rich history that is used sparingly through the story, like a precious spice that is all the enjoyable for its careful application.While the story does suffer from some technical issues, none of them were so severe as to inhibit my enjoyment of the story The tale is not a happy one, but I still found the ending to be wholly satisfying Looking forward to seeing what else the author does in the future.