books Can I Tell You About Forgiveness?: A Helpful Introduction for Everyone –

James wants to learn what forgiveness means How does forgiveness work Should you forgive and forget Should he forgive Sean for stealing James s football, even though Sean didn t say sorry This illustrated book works as the perfect conversation starter for children agedto get them to think about what forgiveness means, and to develop their own understanding of forgiveness With a list of recommended reading and additional resources, it is ideal for teachers or parents for introducing the value of forgiveness I cannot recommend this book too highly for parents, grandparents and teachers wanting to discuss the complexities of forgiveness with their children.Written in a form suitable for 7 year olds to read it covers key issues such as saying sorry, trying to make amends and how forgiveness helps to heal and restore relationships.But the particular strength of the book for me was the way it faces head on the difficult issues of forgiveness in cases of bullying and abuse, and how it deals with situations where forgiveness may not be appropriate or desirable.The set of questions for discussion at the end of the book and recommendations for further reading make this an excellent resource for the classroom as well as for individual use.