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BIRD BOX Turns The Old Hollywood Clich Of Facing Down The Demon Inside Out Then Tears It Into Little Pieces Daily MailA Book That Demands To Be Read In A Single Sitting, And Through The Cracks Between One S Fingers Hugh HoweyA Lean, Spellbinding Thriller That Stephen King Fans Will Relish Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW You Wonder Whether That Brush Against Your Shoulder Was Some Unspeakable Horror Or Merely A Falling Leaf SFXThis Completely Compelling Novel Contains A Thousand Subtle Touches But No Mere Flourishes It Is So Well, So Efficiently, So Directly Written I Read It With Real Admiration Peter StraubNailbiting Will Keep You Gripped Till The Last Chapter SciFiNow Unflagging Suspense And Ever Present Dread Adam Nevill Uniquely Disturbing, Exceptionally Compelling And Beautifully Written, I Defy Anyone Not To Read It In One Sitting Sarah PinboroughAn Unsettling Thriller, Earns Comparisons To Hitchcock S The Birds, As Well As The Finer Efforts Of Stephen King And Cult Sci Fi Fantasist Jonathan Carroll Kirkus STARRED REVIEW Something Is Out ThereSomething Terrifying That Must Not Be Seen One Glimpse And A Person Is Driven To Deadly Violence No One Knows What It Is Or Where It Came FromFive Years After It Began, A Handful Of Scattered Survivors Remain, Including Malorie And Her Two Young Children Living In An Abandoned House Near The River, Malorie Has Long Dreamed Of Fleeing To A Place Where Her Family Might Be Safe But The Journey Ahead Will Be Terrifying Twenty Miles Downriver In A Rowboat Blindfolded With Nothing To Rely On But Malorie S Wits And The Children S Trained Ears One Wrong Choice And They Will Die And Something Is Following Them But Is It Man, Animal, Or Monster Engulfed In Darkness, Surrounded By Sounds Both Familiar And Frightening, Malorie Embarks On A Harrowing Odyssey A Trip That Takes Her Into An Unseen World And Back Into The Past, To The Companions Who Once Saved Her Under The Guidance Of The Stalwart Tom, A Motley Group Of Strangers Banded Together Against The Unseen Terror, Creating Order From The Chaos But When Supplies Ran Low, They Were Forced To Venture Outside And Confront The Ultimate Question In A World Gone Mad, Who Can Really Be Trusted Interweaving Past And Present, Josh Malerman S Breathtaking Debut Is A Horrific And Gripping Snapshot Of A World Unraveled That Will Have You Racing To The Final Page

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