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The most magical things can come in tiny packages In the Arctic, tales of tiny people who live on the land abound This children s story follows the adventures of an orphan named Ava who is left to fend for himself by the adults in his village One day, cold and alone, Ava stumbles upon a group of magical dwarves who finally show him how it feels to have a home of his own Co authored by CBC personality Alan Neal and accompanied by Jonathan Wright s ethereal watercolour illustrations, this contemporary tale of Arctic magic will ignite the imaginations of young readers

2 thoughts on “Ava and the Little Folk

  1. stg2bio.co Customer stg2bio.co Customer says:

    wonderful illustrations couldn t read the whole story but the beginning was nice.

  2. Sarah Mitchell Sarah Mitchell says:

    An absolutely wonderful book Jonathan Wright s illustrations are incredible as is the story This book reflects an aspect of our modern culture that has been forgotten Numerous Native cultures around the world have a very similar story legends regarding the Little People Maybe they were able to see and interact with something or someone our modern culture is unable to see The book is great