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A must for die hard Archers fans, not as many poignant moments as I was expecting, having been a listener from the first episode, there are so many epic events over sixty years, some of which I felt ought to have been included and some that were included I don t remember as majorly important, but well worth a listen. A bit of nostalgia. There s was nothing negative about The Archers great gift and loads of laughs remembering episodes Has the show really been entertaining that long And still I can remember the old characters. Since it was first billed in the Radio Times on Monday st Januaryas a programme about the daily events in the lives of country folk , The Archers has attracted millions of fans and these vintage highlights trace the lives of some well loved characters who are still central to the series Re live Phil Archer s courtship of Grace Fairbrother, and the shock of her death in the horrific fire at the stables Sympathise with Peggy as she copes bravely with the shame of Jennifer s illegitimate baby Follow the stories of young Tony Archer, as he is bowled over by the energetic Welsh lass, Pat Lewis and Brian Aldridge, who sweeps Jennifer off her feet There are also scenes from the early years of Phil and Jill syear marriage, and some of the earliest appearances of their four children These vintage moments offer lifelong fans the chance to re live some of the most dramatic and memorable events of the residents of Ambridge, and give new fans a fascinating glimpse into the early years of this much cherished radio series CDshrs product as described , delivered in good time , would buy again This was bought to bring back may happy memories, some of the best Walter Jack Wooly were not heard on this cd and other voices I had memories of, but still it was great to listen to, thank you, Very pleased indeed with the CD.Arrived promptly, great service.