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InAmazing Artists and Designers, journey back to the th century to meet Artemisia Gentileschi, mistress of light and shade Read about Coco Chanel, the orphan who grew up to change the rules of fashion and clothing forever Meet Frida Kahlo, whose colourful, emotional and raw artworks challenged the norms of the art world Some of the women in this book were well known in their lifetime and beyond, some of them were not, but all of them were amazingly gifted, talented and brilliant women, creating historically important art and designCurious, provocative, engaging, brave, and funny women who change the world are diverse, intriguing and brilliant Created by an all women team and filled with wonderful illustrations, and engaging activities that will nurture your own varied skills, the Brilliant Women series compiles the stories of inspiring women from every field Retelling their triumphs and adversities, this beautiful series of four books reveals and celebrates the women who have shaped the world we live in now Perfect reading for the next generation of brilliant girls and boys Suitable for readers agedand up

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  1. Maestra Maestra says:

    Lo compr para la biblioteca de aula y a los nenes les encant

  2. P M Buchan P M Buchan says:

    This is an excellent book, very obviously inspired by the success of things like the success of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls I found this one to be a little better in concept than execution, but all the same this is a valuable book to have around the house for boys and girls alike, both to introduce children to the value of creativity and creative skills, and to spotlight amazing women and their contributions to modern life.I d recommend this book wholeheartedly, with the slight caveat that I feel like it reads like a school textbook than the dynamic and fun approach of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls This one feels a little like something you d pick up in a school library for homework than something you d read as a bedtime story I m not sure whether this is a fair criticism to make or an accurate one, but that was my take as a parent.Although this review might sound critical, the fact is that I m completely supportive of any book that teaches children about people like Zaha Hadid as an aspirational role model There can be no bad in having a book like this lying around the house for kids to leaf through and broaden their horizons.

  3. Just a person Just a person says:

    There has recently been a surge in publishing about amazing women I have bought several of them for my daughters, aged 8 and 9, and would particularly recommend the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books This book is another in that vein, with short entries and vivid illustrations detailing the lives of well and less well known women in history The emphasis of this book is art and I have found some of the entries enlightening I think it s important to redress the imbalance in our history, by emphasising the work of exceptional women and hopefully the proliferation of books in this vein will teach my girls that the sky is the limit.

  4. Miss Marple Miss Marple says:

    My children really enjoy this book, and I often find them dipping back into it It s nicely laid out so that you can consume it in bitesize chunks What they all have in common is that they are interesting and inspiring stories about incredible women something I m keen for all my children boy and girls to be aware of and grow up with It s the sort of book to make you think and make you realise that anyone can change the world Recommended.

  5. Jessie Jessie says:

    Great book containing a quick read history behind some of the famous artists and designers I love the format of this book and is suitable for a variety of ages depending if it going to be independently read or not.Nice illustrations should inspire the next generation of artists and designers.

  6. Brea Berry Brea Berry says:

    Thunder up