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Since Ancient Times, Every Halloween, The Ritual Of Sanun Is Performed, Freeing The Dead To Interact With The Living For One Night One Evil Soul Discovers A Way To Hide From The Return, Remaining On Earth To Meddle With The Fates Of The Living As The Centuries Pass, It Begins To Search For The High Priestess, Intending To Force Her To Do Its Bidding, No Matter The Cost Appearances Can Be Deceiving, Even In Regency England To Most, Elizabeth Bennet Is Simply The Second Daughter Of An Insignificant Country Squire, But In Truth, She Is High Priestess And Leader Of An Ancient Cult Secretly Co Existing Alongside British Society Confusion Reigns When She Learns That The Man She Despises, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Is Her Soul Mate, Assigned To Protect Her From Evil Can They Work Together To Preserve The Future

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  1. J. W. Garrett J. W. Garrett says:

    I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it Carolyn MacCullough, Once a WitchIt s October and the time for stories of old magic and paranormal activity Take everything that you have ever known about the Bennet family and throw it out the window It is all smoke screens and mirrors They certainly are not who or what we thought they were In fact, the Bennet family is an old family with a profound heritage that few know of.Our author did an excellent job in setting up and describing the universe of a secret cult living within the confines of British society On the one hand, Bennet is an insignificant country squire, but in truth, holds a title within the society of his cult However, it is his second daughter that holds the highest rank.Elizabeth Bennet is High Priestess and leader of their cult Her word is law and she holds an important position at the end of every October, the ritual of Sanun During this one night, when the boundary between the worlds is thinnest, the souls from the otherworld can, through her ritual, enter the real world and converse with the living As the guardian to the gateway, she only allows good souls to enter.It is then the responsibility of the Priestess to perform the Return song that compels those souls to return to the otherworld There is only one problem Centuries earlier, one Soul and an evil one at that , managed to resist the Return song and has remained in the real world ever since It has possessed the bodies of various people over the centuries and his one goal throughout that time was to find the reigning High Priestess and force her to do his bidding In his present possession guess who , he will cause innumerable problems for our Elizabeth and her Soul Mate and protector guess who The Harvest Moon glows round and bold,In pumpkin shades outlined in gold,Illuminating eerie forms,Unnatural as a candied corn.Beware what dare crawls up your sleeve,For tis the night called Hallows Eve Richelle E Goodrich, Making WishesIn order to keep the local populace from delving too close to their secret activities, Mrs Bennet and the younger daughters present a silly demeanor in order to keep people at a distance When you are silly, no one pays attention to you or takes you seriously I don t think I ve ever seen this plot before This was really interesting to see what they were like behind the fa ade I really liked them.I also liked this Darcy, our dear Colonel and his brother the Viscount These guys were so awesome.Our Villains were the usual suspects.Caroline Bingley I must say this lady used lightly was beyond the pale She was horrid and uncontrollable and despicable Charles Bingley certainly had his hands full with her She was awful Now here was where I seriously wanted someone to cast a spell on her or turn her into something horrid.Wickham OMG I ve never seen this side of him before Wow This puts a new light on his situation Dang, I wanted to hate him like forever and now what a different twist His crew was surprising and the twists and turns with them was certainly different Didn t see the reveal on a couple of those guys.Lady Catherine OMG This was worth the read for sure She stormed Hertfordshire, looking for Darcy, in order to make her sentiments known And she certainly did that just wow So, what happened when the termagant from Rosings encountered the High Priestess Well now, that would be a spoiler and I m not going there.Rating PG 17 due to suggestive discussion of sexual innuendos Nothing graphic, just licentious behavior and discussions This story does not reference witches or black magic However, white magic is still magic even though there were no spells cast on an unsuspecting populace Herbs were used a lot and many have medicinal properties and they were explained in detail.There were a few places where I wondered why all the preparation Somehow, the plot lost me a bit and I wondered at the reasons for a few things I really enjoyed the story I liked the epilogue and what happened to everyone There were a few threads that I wondered about, but overall, a very enjoyable story I love a D E HEA.

  2. Susanne Barrett Susanne Barrett says:

    This variation of Austen s Pride and Prejudice was one of the most intriguing and memorable of the hundreds of variations I ve read over the last few years, and the reason is the theme of paranormal fantasy that weaves its way into the romance of Darcy and Elizabeth There is a very different plot here than Austen s original, and it goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years Elizabeth is the Druidic High Priestess and Darcy finds that the family sword over the main fireplace at Pemberley is meant for the High Priestess protection Thus, he is to be the Soul Mate of the High Priestess.Each All Hallow s Eve, the High Priestess admits the spirits of those passed to eternity a visit with their descendants But hundreds of years ago, an evil spirit managed to stay behind when the spirits are gathered to return, and its presence may wreak havoc upon earth And it is up to the High Priestess and her Soul Mate to stop his wicked plans.This book was nearly unputdownable Yeah, yeah, it s not a word, but it describes this book s compelling qualities perfectly Especially if one enjoys paranormal suspense, this variation of Pride and Prejudice will be a page turner I rarely give 5 scores to books that are not classics, but this variation was simply outstanding Extraordinary I was up until 3 00 AM, trying to finish it It s really, truly, seriously that good.

  3. maryann maryann says:

    This is a novel well written by Wendi Sotis taking the Pride and Prejudice characters back to an early time and weaving the paranormal insight of the story It uses the characters in a different light and makes the story very interesting I loved the fact that I normally don t like stories of this nature but it kept me interested so that I didn t want to put the book down.I was surprised with Aunt Catherine and how she acted as compared to her in other stories I also was glad to see George Wickham in a better light at the end of the story and the way it ended for him Ms Sotis also portrayed Mrs Bennet and Mr Bennet in a different light compared to other stories so that you wound up liking Mrs Bennet in the end.These are the thoughts I felt after I read the book,1 that Julian Clement should have been offered a job at one of the family estates since he was so kind and nice to Elizabeth, however, she offered the magistrate not to charge him with anything and 2 I also thought that even if Hannah was given her bonus for helping, it would have been good to mention that she was offered a job working as Elizabeth s maid in Pemberley.

  4. Kaatje Kaatje says:

    This Pride and Prejudice retelling goes beyond Austen in so many ways, it s quite unconvincing However, that doesn t harm the story one bit Where Jane Austen might be annoying in sticking to the social conventions of her time, Wendy Sotis uses paganism to update the characters Elizabeth is a pagan priestess, Mary a prophetess, Lydia and Kitty are not really silly they just act that way because of a prophesy by Mary The contrasts between tribal pagan society and English society make this an interesting read where you never know what will possibly happen next even if you have read a dozen P P variations I loved the confrontation with Lady Catherine, for instance.The only negative I have is that while Wendy Sotis manages to really make her version of the characters come alive, her endings are generally a bit TOO upbeat Every thread in the story is closed with the best possible outcome, quite explicitly However, in this particular book that didn t stop me loving the book as a whole It s an enjoyable read.