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No artist can put a smile on your face quicker than Alexander Calder A sense of playfulness animates all of his work from his signature hanging mobiles to his endlessly creative toys, drawings, and jewelry Alexander Calder Meet the Artist is an exciting hands on introduction to this beloved American sculptor Calder s whimsical world is brought to life by imaginative pop ups, pull tabs, lift the flaps, and cutouts A universe of artistic possibilities opens up as young readers explore Calder s creative evolution, play with his toy designs, and even create their own sculptural circus

15 thoughts on “Alexander Calder

  1. J. M. Cadle J. M. Cadle says:

    Bought as a present for my husband when in hospital He loved it and the bright cover is like a splash of sunshine This book is not just for kids

  2. Miss Doubtfire Miss Doubtfire says:

    Seems a good bank of ideas as well as good starting point fir no nonsense literacy unit.


    fascinating book

  4. Mrs G P Guerin Mrs G P Guerin says:

    Lovely product Quick delivery Thank you.

  5. Sophie Sophie says:

    An informative and beautiful series of books Picasso, Calder, Matisse , with pop up, DIY activities Perfect for a present, perfect to read together with your kids, the quality and layout will please adults too.


    J havia pesquisado sobre o bel ssimo trabalho de Alexander Calder, uma fonte maravilhosa para novos trabalhos, adorei o LIVRO

  7. happyday happyday says:

    What a fantastic book We used it in our homeschool when studying Calder This book really brought his work to life It inspired my kids 9 and 7 y o to not only play with the interactive pages in the book, but to create and imagine beyond the pages I hesitated when buying this book because I was torn between it and a storybook about Calder and I am so glad I chose this one I couldn t be happier with it This is such a fun book representing such a fun artist Don t hesitate and miss out like I almost did Although, I can see where this wouldn t be a good book for littles that like to pull or rip flaps and pull tabs out of books Other than that I would highly recommend it

  8. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Such a great book The hands on aspect was perfect for kids It really inspired my kids to not only appreciate the artist but also want to create their own art We loved it so much we ordered two others in the series I hope the author keeps making books like this

  9. walker walker says:

    I live in Chicago and am a Calder fan I purchased this as a gift for my nephew, Alexander He was beside himself when I gave it to him and has spoken to me about it repeatedly since he received it I see how he is making connections with architecture and art all around him, motivated by this book He is a young artist, constantly exploring Would definitely recommend this

  10. Jasper Peak Pilates Jasper Peak Pilates says:

    I bought this book as a visual inspiration for my young dancers Their ballet piece for their recital is to reflect an art inspiration I thought Calder s mobiles and stabiles were the perfect visual for their choreography When I brought the book to class, these dancers, grades 4 6, loved the book, wanted to touch all the pop ups it is a good book for young students, colorful and interactive.

  11. Raven Beauty Raven Beauty says:

    You know, my mother is the biggest kid in the family This book is an interactive book and she just squealed when she got it as a gift It is such an artistic and creative book to own Magnificent.

  12. mytwocents mytwocents says:

    I was quite disappointed There wasn t much to it and I felt it didn t capture any of the Calder magic.

  13. katie c. katie c. says:

    This is a beautiful book about the artist Alexander Calder It is full of information and interactive activities that will delight any child or adult I bought it as a used book and it arrived in perfect condition.

  14. Jonna Cagle-Page Jonna Cagle-Page says:

    Used it to research Calder and his artworks for my Art History class.

  15. Paul David Adamick Paul David Adamick says:

    Great for kids, not for adult artists.