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Stephen Fry and John Bird star in all four series of the BBC Radiosatirical comedy, plus thespecial episode Set in the Machiavellian world of modern PR, Absolute Power introduces us to London based government media relations consultancy Prentiss McCabe, whose partners Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe are frequently embroiled in the machinations of the British political system Prentiss is ruthless, unscrupulous, and will go to almost any lengths to pull off a big commission, while McCabe does have a moral compass, but is too laid back and fond of claret to use it very often In episodes that could have been written yesterday, the duo s targets for makeover include the Conservative Party The Sun the Mayor of London the Church of England RadioEnglish sporting success the elderly prisons the Prime Minister the Health Service a Big Brother star a tennis pro men the BBC the notion of Nation healthy eating and the US Presidential Campaign This complete collection includes allepisodes of the four series, first broadcast betweenand , plus the specialepisode Stephen Fry and John Bird star as Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe, with Tamsin Greig as rival spin doctor Gayle ShandMark Tavener was a British novelist who wrote mostly for radio but also for televisionHissatirical novel In the Red was adapted for radio with Peter Baynham in , and television inFurther radio shows using the same characters followed In the Red, In the Balance, In the Chair, and In the End A spin off series, Absolute Power, appeared in , starring Stephen Fry and John Bird as a pair of spin doctors, both of whom were recently fired from the BBC managerial roles they hold in In the Red and its sequels After four series on BBC Radioit was transferred to televisionOther radio show credits include High Table, Lower Orders, featuring Geoffrey Palmer and Rebecca Front, and His Master s Voice