books A Sea Voyage By Gerard Lo Monaco –

This book will ignite a taste for adventure in explorers large and small a real book to treasure WRD About Books magazineA lovely nautical excursion that brings a ship in a bottle intricacy to each page Moody seascapes that wouldn t be out of place on a vintage watercolor tin spring to life in elegant pop ups as Lo Monaco showcases six sea vessels, including a lifeboat, caravel, tall ship, and ocean liner Brief accompanying rhymes have the air of sung chanteys, and background details about the boats origins, feats, and specifications are included The most amazing pop up book I ve ever seen and it s about boats Just by opening the first page I could notice that it s a work of art, a masterpiece Babyccino Kids blog Babyccino Kids blog Children will marvel at the nautical pop ups the skill behind the book is not unlike the fiddly expertise of people who persuade boats into bottles Each page is a new ocean going vessel and the delight is in the detail An unsentimental, buoyant, shipshape book a great Christmas escape Observer A wonderfully illustrated and constructed educational pop up book from renowned paper engineer G rard Lo Monaco Yachting WorldFollow two sailors as they journey across the sea with their dog in this inventive and beautifully produced pop up book Along the way, encounter extraordinary boats from all around the world Sophisticated paper engineering reveals remarkable boats of all shapes and sizes, from an ocean liner and a three masted tall ship to the lightship that guides the sailors safely home