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While I won t compare it to say the uninvited I will say that I did enjoy this particular story I won t do any spoilers so I won t say what happen it s just that not even ghost can stop true love When Mr Darcy Invites The Entire Bennet Family To Pemberley, Nobody Is Surprised Than Elizabeth And With Good Reason Considering Their Recent ConversationsHowever, It Is Georgianas Birthday Soon And She Wants Very Much For Lizzy And Her Sisters To Celebrate With Her She Is Very Persuasive And Darcy Relents, Even To The Point Of Inviting Mr And Mrs CollinsBut Why Does He Invite Charles Bingley Even Though Georgiana Did Not Mention Him At Pemberley Darcy Reveals An Ancient Legend And Tells Them The Tragic Story Of The White Lady Of PemberleyThe Following Evening, Mr Collins Is Sure He Has Seen The Phantom Two Other Guests Also Claim They Have Seen The GhostWhy Does Lizzy Not Believe Them And The Night After The Splendid Birthday Celebrations What Does She See Outside The Library Is It The White Lady Of Pemberley And Why Does The Figure Beckon To Her Is She Trying To Give Lizzy Some Kind Of Warning Find Out In This Affectionate Variation On Jane Austens Classic Novel Very similar to this author s other book with similar shortcomings It does have an ending which resolves, however.We have an odd assortment of guests invited to Pemberley for Georgiana s birthday This includes the entire Bennet family, Mr and Miss Bingley, and Mr and Mrs Collins Lady Catherine shows up uninvited There are various ghost sightings and other disconnected activities by various characters.Unbelievable, juvenile premise and writing Perhaps satisfactory for young readers but not sophisticated adults. I did enjoy reading this variation of Pride and Prejudice however, there were spelling errors and a couple inconsistencies Having said that, I do recommend this read to all Pride and Prejudice fans. Though the pride prejudice characters were in the story, it wasn t the typical Darcy loves Elizabeth story with conflict There seem to be no profession of deep regard with Darcy.so it is ok but I much prefer other versions that that is the main theme of the story.